I had an ‘Audrey Special’ and it was amazing. If anybody is able to get to see Audrey and have atreatment from her I highly recommend it. I used to go to Audrey many years ago and she not only is phenomenal at massage but is also in tune with what you need. She uses other approaches too – channeling, Reiki, spiritual healing.

20 years ago we tried to get rid of a knot in my back which was to do with deep emotions to do with my father who died when I was younge.  We could never quite shift them. And we had an amazing experience the other day and now I have readdressed my relationship with my father and it’s been incredible.

That knot no longer exists in my back that’s been there for the best part of 30 years. Have a visit with Audrey, go with the flow, leave it up to her to decide what you want. Amazing, absolutely life changing!  Thank you Audrey.

Stuart M ‘Audrey Special’ Therapy – Life Changing

This funeral was for my cousin and took place in Worcester which is 2 hours from my home.

Audrey “Thank you for conducting the service, I’m sure it wasn’t easy.

The phone calls that were made to ask for the information was handled very well.  It also gave me time to reflect on the past.

Yes, I was very happy with the service.  People also said it was a good service, and handled in a very professional yet suitable atmosphere.  Reflecting, happy, not just sorrow.

I felt, that the service was conducted in a relaxed, yet, professional way.
The format, in which the service was directed was done in a very suitable way, so that it gave us time to reflect, grieve and remember Dad.

I would happily recommend you to other families, if they are looking for someone.

Travis M – Funeral Testimonial

Hi Audrey

I am always looking for ways of improving my health including my emotional, mental as well as physical. Before my session with you I felt unwell and not connected, I needed grounding and some healing.  You gave me a Chakra Balance followed by Chi-Reflexology.  After my session I felt much better, more aligned, I was tired but I knew that the healing was working.

Thank you and I definitely recommend you – always.

H.T. 10.8.16 – Therapy Testimonial

Audrey has helped both my children with her relaxation techniques… she’s a very lovely lady too.

Debbie Louise Oliver

A beautiful person and a fantastic therapist, Audrey has really helped me move forward where other means of intervention have failed. Thanks Audrey x

Helen Armugam Ould

Just had my 30 minute free massage off Audrey. Very professional and very relaxed I now fee stress free. Highly recommended to everyone. Thank you Audrey I will be booking again in the near future xx 5 stars all the way.

Dave Naylor

Susan – Chi-Reflexology Testimonial

Steve – Reconnective Healing Testimonial

Thank you for a very enjoyable seminar  I really feel I have benefited from your expertise and I am still feeling calm and relaxed several hours later.  I found it very helpful and particularly the techniques you demonstrated for relaxation and the pressure points pain relief. also your informal interactive methods of delivery were, for me, easy to understand and therefore enjoyable. You asked for a score and as I can’t give an 11 a 10 will have to do!

Jenny – Well-Being Seminar Testimonial

Thank you for your seminar. The relaxed delivery helped us enjoy the day and gel as a group. We all got along well.  It helped me in my self development and learning how to do self-help acupressure techniques was very relaxing and has given me a tool to use when necessary.  I look forward to your next course.

S.B – Well-Being Seminar Testimonial

I lead a very stressful life and destressing was a very important part of the treatment. I feel that repetitive treatments have resulted in my health and well-being so the treatments have been preventative as well as, on occasions, curative.

I have been receiving treatments regularly every fortnight for the last 15 years. Today I began the treatment with lower lumbar hip and back pain which had been an issue for a couple of weeks. I finished the treatment with no pain at all and moving freely. As a massage therapist myself I have been very impressed by the range of different methods that have been used over the years and this variety continues. As well as integrating deep tissue massage with stretching exercises is particularly rewarding.

Kevin K – Massage Testimonial

It’s totally amazing that is was the first Burial you have taken.  It was nothing less than perfect.  You made it so personal.  Looking forward to seeing you in service again.

Michael Fogg Funeral Directors – Celebrant Testimonial

Thank you for a lovely service for our mother. You helped us to feel comfortable when helping and advising us on your first visit. You made her funeral a very personal celebration of her life.  The personal momento you gave us after the service and burial really touched us and will be treasured along with the other moments we have of our mother. Thank you for your guidance and service.

Sharon B – Burial Service

Thank you for doing a lovely service for our mum


Hi Audrey,

Well since you helped me re-balance my chakra’s I have now set up my own business: Flipper Tots. I’ve found a lovely pool that I can teach baby and pre-school swimming lessons at 3 days a week.

Next week I am doing a Baby Massage and Baby Yoga tutor class and then in October I’m doing a Baby Sign course too!!

I am so excited. Everything has fallen into place.

So thanks to you and all your fantastic help, I finally know what it is that I am meant to be doing and as a result I have such an overwhelming sense of contentedness.

Thank you Audrey, for helping me find my true life path.

Love and gratitude, Kind Regards, Anna

Anna – Flipper Tots

Thanks Audrey for your email.

You did a lovely service and everyone remarked how personal and nice it was for dad.

Thank You

Amanda – Funeral Celebrant Testimonial

Video Testimonial

“I contacted PURITY Natural Healing as I had a a stiff back that was causing me a lot of pain. After one session I feel so much better! I would recommend them to any one.”


Helped me with back trouble

I damaged a nerve at the back of my heel this happened in 2007, and now suffer from cramp in my toes & leg. I came to you for one session of Chi-Reflexology and, apart from slight cramp in my calf, have not had any pain since.

I have had reflexology before and your treatment was very gentle – I could hardly feel you working on me. I was amazed that I hardly felt you yet the result was amazing. – Ruth


I have previously had reflexology with Audrey which would leave me floating for days!!! Then, after speaking with Audrey about Reconnective Healing I decided I would try it! I’ve now had 2 of my 3 Reconnective Healing sessions and they are definitely unique! The first was impressive as I had no idea what to expect; I felt my mind rushing around sorting things out and when my session was finished I felt like all my thoughts had been organised, I felt very light and refreshed! My second session was completely different, felt very physical! As if i had retracted into my mind and could see my body being manipulated like by a physiotherapist yet Audrey never laid her hands once on me! When my session was over I felt like i had done an hours yoga stretching!! I cannot wait for my 3rd! Thank you! Carolyn

Chi-Reflexology & Reconnective Healing

I have visited Audrey on a couple of occasions when suffering from back pain, and she was fantastic, and really seemed to pinpoint where the pain originated. The rest of the massage was fantastic as well, leaving me feeling so relaxed. The chi-reflexology part was memorable in particular, and really chilled me out. Heartily recommended. Andy

Back pain relieved and totally de-stressed!

I’d been having some pain in my neck and shoulders for some time so I went to see Audrey for a massage. She worked wonders! The pain had completely gone afterwards and she even gave me a few tips on how to make sure it didn’t come back. I felt extremely refreshed afterwards and would definitely go back for further sessions. Fully recommended! Celina

Brilliant Massage

Yesterday I had a rebalancing treatment from Audrey – lovely at the time as it left me with a total sense of well-being, so peaceful and rested. And, this morning after getting up I suddenly realised that I’d done so without thinking about it – no difficulty or stiffness, no struggle on the stairs or with getting up from behind my desk during the day. My legs and knees feel normal and flexible without any stiffness or feeling they might give way. What a treat! I think this is a recommendation…try it! Ann

Relaxed and no stiff legs or knees!

I had a lot of pain in the legs and calf area and she really helped clear it out in such a short time, it feels so much better and she can do a variety of things which tremendously helps in the area that you feel needs work. If you feel stressed or any tight spots on your body shoulders legs etc… she can clear it and at the end of the session you will be relaxed and in an amazing feeling of satisfaction definitely recommend it for anybody as you will not find anybody better. Brian

Pain Management